Nick Mangold Snapping Pepsi Bottles

Imagine yourself walking up to a Pepsi fridge in order to buy a cool refreshment and seeing a 300-plus pound NFL offensive lineman in the cooler ready to snap you a bottle.

Outside of potentially reacting by running far away from the scene, what would you do?

Luckily, New York Jets center Nick Mangold gave us a first-hand view of how normal people would react in a recent bit.


The reactions are absolutely priceless here. Now add the fact that Mangold looks like a version of one of those Geico┬ácavemen, and I am honestly surprised more people didn’t just take off running in the opposite direction.

The best part of this bit was that dude who bobbled the snap and took off running with the bottle only for Mangold to demand a high-five from him.

This is just great.