NFL world reacts to another egregious missed DPI, horrific replay system

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL introduced the ability to challenge pass interference calls this season with the promise of avoiding the debacle we saw in the NFC Championship game. As the latest blown call on Sunday shows, it’s only made things worse.

The Houston Texans went for it on fourth down against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Deshaun Watson delivered a strike to DeAndre Hopkins, only for Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey to grab him and prevent the touchdown catch.

An obvious instance of defensive pass interference and a first down at the one-yard line, instead, resulted in a turnover on downs for the Texans.

Head coach Bill O’Brien threw the challenge flag, hoping the NFL’s replay center would correct the horrendous call. Instead, a short review quickly delivered a decision to back the referee’s absurd non-call on Humphrey and it cost Houston a timeout and a scoring opportunity.

After witnessing the NFL and its officials blow another call, fans and analysts couldn’t help but unleash their frustration with the league’s horrific system.