NFL scout: ‘Better than 60-70 percent chance’ Tony Romo plays for Texans in 2017

Tony Romo cake

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo recently chose the CBS sports broadcast booth over wearing an NFL jersey this season. Or did he?

This recent analysis from an NFL scout tells a different story, as he expects Romo to end up playing for the Houston Texans.

“They need a quarterback. Watch for Tony Romo here, too. There’s better than a 60 or 70 percent chance Romo ends up playing for them at some point this coming season. That story is far from dead,” per Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report.

Before the Cowboys put Romo up for trade, the Texans had been strongly associated with Romo as a potential landing spot. But, once Romo officially hit the open market, he quickly accepted a job with CBS, taking Phil Simms’ old role.

At the same time we are hearing this information from this NFL scout, Romo indicated he has no plans on filling out his NFL retirement paperwork.

This is all too coincidental. The Texans still could use an upgrade at quarterback over Tom Savage and backup Brandon Weeden. And, it was not too long ago Romo expressed his desire to still play football. For now, all eyes will be on the Texans.

If they choose to forego selecting a quarterback in this month’s draft, this story could become a lot more interesting as it relates to a possible return of Romo.