NFL releases statement responding to Colin Kaepernick’s workout relocation

By Matt Johnson
Caylor Arnold, USA Today Sports

After free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s private workout was moved on Saturday to allow media access, the NFL released a statement in its defense.

In response to Kaepernick’s allegations that the NFL denied Kaepernick’s original request to allow media access to his workout for transparency, the league expressed disappointment over Kaepernick’s decision and defended its actions.

In the league’s statement, it noted that the NFL made “considerable effort to work cooperatively” with Kaepernick’s reps. The NFL said it allowed his agent to suggest questions for interviews, allowed him to bring in his own receivers and collaborate with Hue Jackson on potential drills.

Furthermore, the NFL stated that it allowed Nike to shoot an advertisement during Kaepernick’s workout on Saturday. The league also suggested it provided the standard liability waiver that is used at all of its combines and by NFL teams before Kaepernick’s reps made changes to it on Saturday.

The NFL defended its plan to have a single video recording made of the workout, which it said is the standard for private workouts.

Despite Kaepernick moving locations, the league said it would not have any impact on Kaepernick’s status as a free agent.