NFL releases latest round of COVID-19 test results as good news continues

NFL shield at midfield during 2019 season
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The National Football League will begin its 2020 season in just over a week with the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium.

The backdrop here is obvious. The NFL is attempting to play its 2020 season outside of a bubble. It’s similar to what we’ve seen with Major League Baseball during the pandemic. Obviously, the major concern here is actually completing the season. We’ve seen some major issues around the MLB world, most recently with the Oakland Athletics.

Though, there’s more good news on the NFL’s COVID-19 front.

Four NFL players test positive for COVID-19 in latest round

As noted in the press release, four players and six team personnel members tested positive for the virus from Aug. 21 to Aug. 29. That’s out of a total of 58,621 tests conducted during this span. It does not take a math major to come to a conclusion that the NFL’s testing protocols seem to be working. Ten positive tests out of north of 58,620 conducted. You can do the percentages yourself. It’s much lower than the general population around the United States.

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There’s been some concern over the NFL attempting to have teams play games at their home venues. That’s especially true given how well the bubble has worked for the NBA at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

With that said, there’s no evidence pointing in the direction of a widespread outbreak within the NFL world. This is just the most-recent example. It’s been a common theme throughout the past several weeks.