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NFL refutes report discipline soon coming for Patriots over videotaping scandal

Jesse Reed
NFL free agency, Bill Belichick and the Patriots are in a prime position heading into free agency with Jimmy Garoppolo in their back pocket.
Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL issued a statement Saturday refuting a report that the New England Patriots are soon going to face league discipline for their videotaping scandal in Cincinnati.

The initial report suggesting discipline would soon be coming came from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Later on Saturday, Schefter shared the NFL’s statement, which read, ““The investigation is ongoing and there has been no discussion of any potential discipline. Any suggestion of potential discipline or a timeline on an announcement is pure speculation.”

The incident in question stems from New England’s road game in Cincinnati when a Robert Kraft employee was busted by the Bengals in process of videotaping the opposing team’s sideline (the video evidence appeared to be damning).

However, it’s recently been reported that the NFL hasn’t yet made any link back to Patriots football operations.

The NFL is still investigating, and of course when or if anything does happen it’s going to be huge news on a league-wide level considering the other transgressions the Patriots have been disciplined for in the past.