Top 10 NFL players we’d love to see land TV jobs

NFL players, Richard Sherman

At this time last year, no one would have predicted that former NFL quarterbacks Tony Romo and Jay Cutler would be sitting in a broadcasting booth this fall. Sure enough, they will be joining the workforce of other former players who have landed television jobs.

Prior to Romo and Cutler landing jobs, retired wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. took a job at NFL Network. Never shy to put his two cents in, Smith is lighting it up on camera. He recently covered the 2017 NFL Draft and was on fire with some of his spicy remarks. At the same time, he was doing his best to school his colleagues, many years his senior.

Smith is the real deal and gives fans the stuff they truly enjoy hearing.

Staying on this theme, we came up with 10 NFL players we would love to see eventually land television jobs, either as sports commentators or perhaps even on the big screen.