NFL owners pushing for Ezekiel Elliott suspension?

Ezekiel Elliott

Since entering the NFL as a rookie out of Ohio State last season, Ezekiel Elliott has been known for two things — his dominant rushing abilities and his off-field troubles.

As amazing as his accomplishments have been on the field, it’s what has happened off of it that has gotten the most attention of late. And according to Dan Patrick, via his “The Dan Patrick Show,” NFL owners are pushing to have Elliott suspended. Patrick isn’t just speculating here, either. He’s been speaking to people about this situation and shared what he’s been told.

“What is happening is, other owners are saying, to the commissioner ‘Hey, you punished us, make sure you punish the Cowboys, here.’ That’s sort of what is going on behind the scenes.”

Patrick cited issues like Terrelle Pryor being suspended before he ever got to the NFL due to him trading college memorabilia for tattoos during his time at Ohio State. He shared that owners feel like, if commissioner Roger Goodell saw fit to suspend Pryor for that, then Elliott should be suspended for his actions, too.

He noted that the NFLPA might not look kindly upon such an action but pointed to the way the New England Patriots were treated in the Deflategate scandal. There was no real basis upon which to suspend Tom Brady, but it happened anyway.

The second-year running back is still awaiting judgement from the NFL due to allegations by an ex-girlfriend last summer that he abused her, even though he was cleared of all charges by police. And while he’s waited, some other issues have cropped up (or down, in one case) that have only served to add fuel to the fire that he’s likely to be suspended.

This past week, Elliott has been back in the news once again after it was alleged he punched a man and broke his nose in a Dallas bar. However, due to a lack of cooperation by witnesses and due to the fact police cannot even find the alleged victim, that case has been suspended.

We highly suspect Elliott will be suspended by the NFL before the 2017 season begins. Whether it’s one games, two games or more, the league will almost certainly try to send a message to the young running back that he’s not above reproach.

Quite honestly, regardless of the fact he was cleared of charges last summer and that his recent issue is currently being pushed to the back burner by police, he’s showing some frightening tendencies towards trouble off the field that must be addressed before things truly get out of hand.