NFL Game Pass Europe developer posted fake app reviews

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Delatre, the company that developed the NFL Game Pass Europe app, has admitted employees have posted positive fake reviews on the product.

The app has gotten almost exclusively negative reviews for its poor performance. However, there have been some glowingly positive reviews showing up.

Here are some of them.

“New app works great! Lots of features.”

“Great to see a fantastic UX on this app with super navigation.”

“Simple flow… Easy to navigate.”

“Wonderful app!”

“Love it. Video quality is great and streaming is smooth.”

Now we know these were penned by employees of Delatre.


“Deltatre apologises for the posting of positive reviews of its Game Pass Europe App,” the company said in a statement, per the Independent. “We have taken swift action to remove the limited number of these reviews. We have also taken measures to improve our internal processes and increased oversight to ensure this does not happen again. NFL Game Pass Europe is an important service to NFL fans outside the US and we are committed to delivering the best possible service to them.”

Not surprisingly, the NFL is not happy about this development.

“We are very disappointed that Deltatre employees were asked to post their own positive reviews.This activity is  inconsistent with our own NFL values and behaviors and we have clearly communicated this to Deltatre. We are pleased by the swift action they have taken and are now focused on continuing to improve the service being offered to our fans.”

Because the NFL is still not broadcast regularly on television in Europe, fans interested in watching games have to rely on products like this app. And apparently it’s a pretty bad app, based on the overwhelming number of negative reviews from normal folks who are frustrated they are not getting what they paid for.

Overall, this is a pretty big black eye for the league’s efforts at bringing the game to the masses overseas.