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Dallas mayor Eric Johnson proposes NFL expansion with two teams in city

Dallas, NFL expansion

Dallas is home to the Cowboys, labeled As America’s Team and one of the most popular professional teams in the United States. If Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson gets his wish, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

It’s very possible that NFL expansion is in the league’s future. While there are no immediate plans to add teams to the National Football League, commissioner Roger Goodell and team owners are always looking for ways to generate more revenue for the league.

There’s a reason for it. Adding one more NFL teams could result in a future increase in the schedule, possibly to 18 games per season. Far more importantly for owners, at a time when the Denver Broncos sale will net more than $4 billion, adding teams means the league can set a price tag to join the NFL at more than $3 billion for each club.

As football remains the most popular sport in the United States, cities are taking notice. Many government officials around the country would love to bring an NFL team to their town, But Johnson, who was elected as mayor in 2019, believes Dallas should have two teams.

“We are about to pass the Chicago metro and become the #3 metro in the US, which would make us the largest US metro WITHOUT 2 teams. Football is king here. Dallas needs an expansion team and we would be able to sustain 2,” Johnson tweeted. “So, if a deal can be made that benefits the NFL, the other owners, the City of Dallas, and possibly the Cowboys, it’s a no brainer. But here’s the rub: if it benefits all of the stakeholders I just mentioned except Jerry Jones, does that mean a deal couldn’t/shouldn’t happen? I’m not so sure and it’s my job as mayor to ask these types of questions when my city and its residents stands to benefit. I’m both a sports fan and a lover of Dallas. If LA and NY can both support a NFC and an AFC team, then Dallas, the capital of football, surely can!”

Eric Johnson, Dallas Mayor, campaigning for NFL expanmsion into Dallas

On the surface, this is something the NFL might be interested in. Even with expansion not in the cards in the next few years, tapping into one of the largest markets in the US would be very appealing. Given the thirst for football in Texas, it could be viewed as an appealing expansion destination.

However, there is a big problem standing in the way of this idea even getting off the ground.

Why Jerry Jones won’t allow NFL expansion in Dallas

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NFL expansion into Texas has been thought about before. San Antonio emerged as a potential option in 2015, with the league looking for ways to increase its revenue. Almost immediately, Jerry Jones made it clear that San Antonio is a Cowboys’ town.

But Johnson, taking an optimistic outlook, believes Jones would be interested in Dallas adding a second NFL team. As proof that it can work without hurting the popular team in the city, he pointed to the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers remaining beloved in their cities despite the presence of the Mets and Clippers.

“Jerry Jones owns the crown jewel of the NFL. I don’t think the Lakers or Yankees are bothered one bit by the existence of the Clippers or Mets. Cowboys are a stronger brand with a more global fan base than either of these two. You’re underestimating Jerry Jones AND DALLAS!”

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson on Jerry Jones potentially supporting NFL expansion in the region

Even that idea itself highlights a problem with Dallas getting a second team. The NFL will want a market where the expansion club gains popularity quickly, receiving strong support from the fanbase. The NFL sees what is happening in Los Angeles with the Chargers and Rams. Neither team is really getting a stronghold of the market and Chargers’ games at SoFi Stadium don’t have great attendance for the home team.

Jones is likely in favor of NFL expansion, but probably not in Texas and certainly not in Dallas. While Johnson might use this to generate some publicity and support, it’s an idea that almost certainly won’t even get off the ground before the Cowboys’ owner crushes it.

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