NFL draft prospect Taven Bryan plans geeky first purchase as pro

NFL draft prospect Taven Bryan is likely going to be selected in the first round of the draft Thursday night. On the red carpet ahead of the annual event he opened up about what he’s going to buy first when he gets paid.

Hint: It’s a geeky purchase that this scribe wholeheartedly supports.

“I’m getting a new PC,” Bryan said. “I’m a PC gamer, so like, I’m going to start doing the Twitch thing in my spare time.”

Bryan is a gamer. We’re betting this new system will come furnished with all the best graphics capabilities, cooling systems and anything else that makes gaming as awesome as it possibly can be.

And being that he’s going to likely be drafted in Round 1, Bryan will be able to afford this amazing machine. Keep an eye out, fellow gamers, because it looks like this soon-to-be rookie will be spending his time hunting you down.