NFL Draft prospect Caleb Brantley charged with knocking woman unconscious

Caleb Brantley

Former Florida defensive tackle Caleb Brantley entered April as a likely early-round pick. The 6-foot-3, 307-pound interior lineman just finished up a three-year career with the Gators that saw him dominate opposing SEC offensive linemen.

Heck, Brantley himself has drawn comparisons to Los Angeles Rams Pro Bowler Aaron Donald.

Now, with less than a week to go before the draft kicks off, Brantley himself is likely facing a long wait during the three-day event in Philadelphia.

Reports surfaced earlier in the month that Brantley was involved in an altercation with a woman, punching her during the fight itself.

“Brantley, according to police, was involved in a fight with a woman in the 1700 Block of W University Ave, outside the Copper Monkey at around 2 a.m. The altercation spilled over into the roadway”, a previous report read. The police report states that Chelsea Austin, 20, claims a man, who was later identified as Brantley by Austin’s friend, punched her in the face during the fight. Austin had a cut on her lip and blood around her tooth, according to the police report. Austin, however, could not identify who hit her.”

Brantley is now reportedly facing a misdemeanor charge for knocking the woman unconscious and displacing a tooth.

With this situation still somewhat up in the air, it’s hard to imagine any team taking a chance on Brantley during the early stages of the draft. There’s definitely a scenario in play here that suggests the defensive tackle could go undrafted completely.

Domestic violence and violence against women has long been an issue around the NFL. It has forced teams to avoid taking a PR when determining who to sign or draft in recent years.

This will definitely be an interesting story to follow as the draft gets going on Thursday. Another top prospect, former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, is also a subject of debate after a video surfaced late last year of him hitting a woman back in 2014.

Should Brantley himself fall down the draft boards while Mixon still finds a way to be selected relatively early, there will surely be questions about whether talent supersedes off-field conduct. That much is for sure.