NFL adds interception to Drew Brees’ stats, changes fantasy football outcomes

By Rachel Wold

Nothing is more frustrating in fantasy football than a stat adjustment turning your win into a loss. This was the case for some who started New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees during Week 8.

Win or lose, his 500-plus yards and seven touchdowns surely carried your fantasy team. However, after reviewing game film, the NFL determined Willie Snead’s fumble that the New York Giants returned for a touchdown was actually a pick-six because Snead never had true possession of the football.

Even though this tweet says pick-six, the original call was a fumble before the NFL reversal. The correction now means Brees threw for 505 yards and two interceptions instead of 511 and one. In most leagues, the interception cost owners two points, while others lost a small percentage for the six yards.

Consequently, a handful of fantasy footballers woke up on Wednesday morning and found their win changed to a loss, leading some to vent their frustrations on social media.

But then there’s the flip side, since some players who lost a close game noticed the stat change tipped the game in their favor.

We won’t even get started on those who were impacted by Snead’s fumble reversal, but there’s certain to be some of them, too.

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