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New York Yankees game today: TV schedule, channel, record, and Yankees schedule 2024

Yankees game today

Is there a New York Yankees game today? While there may be MLB games today, even the Yankees need a break once in a while. Everything you need to know about the Yankees schedule can be found below.

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New York Yankees game today

When is the next Yankees game?Saturday, May 25
Who are they playing?San Diego Padres
Where are the Yankees playing?Petco Park
What time does the Yankees game start?9:40 PM ET
What channel is the Yankees game on?YES
Where can we stream the Yankees game?MLB.TV
Who is starting for the Yankees today?Marcus Stroman
Note: Schedule subject to change. Updated for each game

Is there a Yankees game today?

The New York Yankees game today is against the San Diego Padres at 9:40 PM ET on YES.

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What channel is the Yankees game on today?

Today’s New York Yankees game is on YES.

What time is the Yankees game today?

The Yankees game today is at 9:40 PM ET on YES.

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When is the Subway Series 2024?

The 2024 Subway Series between the New York Yankees and New York Mets is from June 25-26 at Citi Field. The Subway Series at Yankee Stadium is on July 23-24.

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What place are the Yankees in right now?

The Yankees are in first place of the AL East right now.

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Did the Yankees win last night?

The Yankees won their last game, defeating the San Diego Padres 8-0.

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What is the Yankees record?

The Yankees are 36-17 this season.

Where is the Yankees stadium?

Yankee Stadium is located in the Bronx, New York, at 1 E 161 St.

What is the AAA affiliate of the New York Yankees?

The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders are the AAA affiliate of the New York Yankees. The Yankees Triple-A team plays baseball in Pennsylvania at PNC Field.

New York Yankees stats 2023

  • Batting Average: .273, Gleyber Torres
  • Home Runs: 37, Aaron Judge
  • RBI: 75, Aaron Judge
  • OBP: .406, Aaron Judge
  • Hits: 163, Gleyber Torres
  • OPS: 1.019, Aaron Judge
  • Innings Pitched: 209, Gerrit Cole
  • Wins: 15, Gerrit Cole
  • Strikeouts: 222, Gerrit Cole
  • ERA: 2.63, Gerrit Cole

2024 New York Yankees schedule

yankees game today
Credit: Frank Becerra Jr. / The Journal News / USA TODAY NETWORK

Yankees schedule – May

DateMatchupTime (ET)
Saturday, May 25Yankees @ Padres9:40 PM
Sunday, May 26Yankees @ Padres4:10 PM
Tuesday, May 28Yankees @ Angels9:38 PM
Wednesday, May 29Yankees @ Angels9:38 PM
Thursday, May 30Yankees @ Angels9:38 PM
Friday, May 31Yankees @ Giants10:15 PM

Yankees schedule – June

DateMatchupTime (ET)
Saturday, June 1Yankees @ Giants10:05 PM
Sunday, June 2Yankees @ Giants4:05 PM
Tuesday, June 4Twins vs Yankees7:05 PM
Wednesday, June 5Twins vs Yankees7:05 PM
Thursday, June 6Twins vs Yankees7:05 PM
Friday, June 7Dodgers vs Yankees7:05 PM
Saturday, June 8Dodgers vs Yankees7:35 PM
Sunday, June 9Dodgers vs Yankees7:00 PM
Monday, June 10Yankees @ Royals8:10 PM
Tuesday, June 11Yankees @ Royals8:10 PM
Wednesday, June 12Yankees @ Royals8:10 PM
Thursday, June 13Yankees @ Royals2:10 PM
Friday, June 14Yankees @ Red Sox7:10 PM
Saturday, June 15Yankees @ Red Sox7:15 PM
Sunday, June 16Yankees @ Red Sox7:00 PM
Tuesday, June 18Yankees vs Orioles7:05 PM
Wednesday, June 19Yankees vs Orioles1:35 PM
Thursday, June 20Yankees vs Orioles7:05 PM
Friday, June 21Yankees vs Braves7:05 PM
Saturday, June 22Yankees vs Braves7:15 PM
Sunday, June 23Yankees vs Braves1:35 PM
Tuesday, June 25Yankees @ Mets7:10 PM
Wednesday, June 26Yankees @ Mets7:10 PM
Thursday, June 27Yankees @ Blue Jays7:07 PM
Friday, June 28Yankees @ Blue Jays7:07 PM
Saturday, June 29Yankees @ Blue Jays3:07 PM
Sunday, June 30Yankees @ Blue Jays1:37 PM

Yankees schedule – July

DateMatchupTime (ET)
Tuesday, July 2Yankees vs Reds7:05 PM
Wednesday, July 3Yankees vs Reds7:05 PM
Thursday, July 4Yankees vs Reds1:05 PM
Friday, July 5Yankees vs Red Sox7:05 PM
Saturday, July 6Yankees vs Red Sox1:05 PM
Sunday, July 7Yankees vs Red Sox1:35 PM
Tuesday, July 9Yankees @ Rays6:50 PM
Wednesday, July 10Yankees @ Rays6:50 PM
Thursday, July 11Yankees @ Rays6:50 PM
Friday, July 12Yankees @ Orioles7:05 PM
Saturday, July 13Yankees @ Orioles4:05 PM
Sunday, July 14Yankees @ Orioles1:35 PM

New York Yankees scores and results 2024

Thursday, March 28Yankees 5, Astros 4
Friday, March 29Yankees 7, Astros 1
Saturday, March 30Yankees 5, Astros 3
Sunday, March 31Yankees 4, Astros 3
Monday, April 1Yankees 5, Diamondbacks 2
Tuesday, April 2Diamondbacks 7, Yankees 0
Wednesday, April 3Yankees 6, Diamondbacks 5
Friday, April 5Blue Jays 3, Yankees 0
Saturday, April 6Yankees 9, Blue Jays 8
Sunday, April 7Yankees 8, Blue Jays 3
Monday, April 8Yankees 7, Marlins 0
Tuesday, April 9Yankees 3, Marlins 2
Wednesday, April 10Marlins 5, Yankees 2
Saturday, April 13Yankees 3, Guardians 2
Saturday, April 13Yankees 8, Guardians 2
Sunday, April 14Guardians 8, Yankees 7
Monday, April 15Blue Jays 3, Yankees 1
Tuesday, April 16Blue Jays 5, Yankees 4
Wednesday, April 17Yankees 6, Blue Jays 4
Friday, April 19Yankees 5, Rays 3
Saturday, April 20Rays 2, Yankees 0
Sunday, April 21Yankees 5, Rays 4
Monday, April 22Athletics 2, Yankees 0
Tuesday, April 23Yankees 4, Athletics 3
Wednesday, April 24Yankees 7, Athletics 3
Thursday, April 25Athletics 3, Yankees 1
Friday, April 26Brewers 7, Yankees 6
Saturday, April 27Yankees 15, Brewers 3
Sunday, April 28Yankees 15, Brewers 5
Monday, April 29Orioles 2, Yankees 0
Tuesday, April 30Orioles 4, Yankees 2
Wednesday, May 1Yankees 2, Orioles 0
Thursday, May 2Orioles 7, Yankees 2
Friday, May 3Yankees 2, Tigers 1
Saturday, May 4Yankees 5, Tigers 3
Sunday, May 5Yankees 5, Tigers 2
Tuesday, May 7Yankees 10, Astros 3
Wednesday, May 8Yankees 9, Astros 4
Thursday, May 9Astros 4, Yankees 3
Friday, May 10Yankees 2, Rays 0
Saturday, May 11Rays 7, Yankees 2
Sunday, May 12Yankees 10, Rays 6
Tuesday, May 14Yankees 5, Twins 1
Wednesday, May 15Yankees 4, Twins 0
Thursday, May 16Yankees 5, Twins 0
Friday, May 17Yankees 4, White Sox 2
Saturday, May 18Yankees 6, White Sox 1
Sunday, May 19Yankees 7, White Sox 2
Monday, May 20Mariners 5. Yankees 4
Tuesday, May 21Mariners 6, Yankees 3
Wednesday, May 22Yankees 7, Mariners 3
Thursday, May 23Yankees 5, Mariners 0
Friday, May 24Yankees 8, Padres 0
Saturday, May 25Yankees , Padres
Sunday, May 26Yankees , Padres

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Where do the New York Yankees play?

The Yankees play at Yankee Stadium, which opened in 2009.

How many home games do the Yankees play in 2024?

The Yankees play 81 home games per season, splitting their 162-game schedule in half. If the Yankees reach the playoffs, more home games will occur.

New York Yankees record by year

  • 2023: 82-80
  • 2022: 99-63, lost ALCS
  • 2021: 92-70, lost ALWC
  • 2020: 33-27, lost ALDS
  • 2019: 103-59, lost ALCS
  • 2018: 100-62, lost ALDS
  • 2017: 91-71, lost ALCS
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