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New York Jets interested in Odell Beckham Jr. and Aaron Rodgers is on board too

We’ve seen the New York Jets make a few changes to their receiver room this offseason, with the Elijah Moore trade being the latest. Parting with Corey Davis could be next. They’ve also added Allen Lazard and Mecole Hardman, but one Jets insider suggests Odell Beckham Jr. could be the next plane to touch down in the Big Apple, and Aaron Rodgers is even on board with the idea too.

After all, teaming up with one of the best receivers of the past decade should have a lot of teams intrigued with OBJ’s skillset. Despite their recent additions, one of those teams could very well become the Jets.

According to Connor Hughes of SNYtv, the Jets’ interest in Beckham Jr. is reportedly “very real.” He adds that OBJ and Rodgers have even had conversations about teaming up in a Jets uniform.

For Beckham, the idea of not only returning to the spotlight in New York but also joining a Hall of Fame QB’s effort to bring the Jets back to Super Bowl contention could be extremely enticing. Especially if they’re willing to offer a reasonable contract he doesn’t view as disrespectful.

Beckham recently held a workout that attracted 12 NFL teams to the scene. The Jets were among that group. If/when Rodgers joins the crew, perhaps we’ll see Beckham sign up for another season at MetLife Stadium, only this time, it will be with the other team from New York.

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