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Latest New York Jets move could provide springboard for Aaron Rodgers trade

The worst-kept secret is that the Green Bay Packers want to move forward without Aaron Rodgers. Meanwhile, the four-time NFL MVP has openly admitted he wants to play for the New York Jets.

That golden nugget was revealed exactly a week ago, on March 15, although Rodgers actually revealed he’s wanted to join the Jets since March 10. We’re nearly two weeks removed from this realization, yet the Packers have yet to move on from their QB of the past 18 years.

Yet, we may have a bit of movement on the Aaron Rodgers trade front. By trading Elijah Moore, the Jets suddenly have one more crucial piece that could help deliver Rodgers to the Big Apple.

While it’s well-known that the Jets would like Rodgers to come aboard and that the Packers are seemingly ready to move forward with Jordan Love, the biggest sticking point is compensation.

How much do the Packers want to trade away a franchise icon? How much are the Jets willing to part with for a player who’s 39 years old and may not have more than a few seasons left?

With the Jets holding the 13th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, it’s hard to imagine general manager Joe Douglas being willing to part with their top selection. But having just picked up the 42nd pick, in addition to already holding No. 43, the Jets may suddenly have the ammo necessary to entice the Packers.

We’re not inside the walls at Lambeau Field, so we can only imagine how conversations have gone with the Jets, but it’s certainly possible the Packers have tried to dig their heels in the dirt, asking for more immediate draft compensation instead of the Jets offering something like this year’s second-round pick, plus their second-rounder in 2024.

Now the Jets have the luxury of holding two valuable selections in the second round, with 42 and 43 to send to Green Bay, while also having three picks from 112-207 to potentially offer as throw-ins.

Or maybe they still combine picks from 2023 and 2024. Who knows? Either way, the Jets picked up more trade ammo for a potential Rodgers trade. Hopefully that helps negotiations progress toward the finish line.

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