New Kings F Zach Randolph arrested on marijuana charges

It takes a lot of effort to get arrested in the state of California for possession of marijuana, but that’s the situation new Sacramento Kings forward Zach Randolph finds himself in.

Just over a month after signing a two-year, $24 million deal with the Kings, Randolph has been arrested on possession with intent to sell charges.

‘Los Angeles Police Department reports that Zach Randolph was arrested in Nickerson Gardens area Wednesday night,” CBS 13 in Sacramento reports.

According to the report, officers were investigating what was described as a disturbance in the neighborhood. They ultimately found a large group of people smoking marijuana and blocking the road, at which point Randolph himself was popped with what is likely a large amount of the substance.

Making matters more disturbing, the crowd reportedly got “unruly” and vandalized several police cars after initial arrests were made.

Marijuana itself is legal for recreational use in California. It is still illegal, however, for individuals to sell the substance and to smoke it in a public setting.

It remains to be seen how this will impact Randolph’s future in California’s capital city, but it’s most definitely not a good look for the veteran big man.