Report: NCAA takes seven championships away from North Carolina responding to HB2

By Jesse Reed

The NCAA has reportedly pulled seven championship events away from North Carolina in response to HB2, known as the “Anti-LGBT” law. broke this story on Monday night.

NCAA President Mark Emmert released the following statement, per the report:

“Fairness is about more than the opportunity to participate in college sports, or even compete for championships. We believe in providing a safe and respectful environment at our events and are committed to providing the best experience possible for college athletes, fans and everyone taking part in our championships.”

These are the seven events that were pulled from the state of North Carolina.

  • 2016 Division I Women’s Soccer Championship, College Cup, Dec. 2 and 4.
  • 2016 Division III Men’s and Women’s Soccer Championships, Dec. 2 and 3.
  • 2017 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship, first/second rounds, March 17 and 19.
  • 2017 Division I Women’s Golf Championships, regional, May 8-10.
  • 2017 Division III Men’s and Women’s Tennis Championships, May 22-27.
  • 2017 Division I Women’s Lacrosse Championship, May 26 and 28.
  • 2017 Division II Baseball Championship, May 27-June 3.

The NBA recently moved its All-Star game from Charlotte, N.C. for the same reason (more on that here).

House Bill 2 was passed in March. It bans the transgender population from using restrooms in public buildings and schools that do not match the sex on their birth certificate and not their gender identity.

Many have been highly critical of the law, while others staunchly support it. The NCAA clearly put its stamp on which side of the fence it falls on concerning this matter. It remains to be seen if the state of North Carolina will continue to uphold the law or if it will eventually repeal it.