NBA releases official two-minute report following Game 1

Following one of the most controversial calls in recent NBA Finals history, the NBA released its official two-minute report for Game 1 of the Finals on Friday.

In the report, the NBA announced the referees made a decision within their rights to review and change the charge call to a blocking foul against Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James with 36.4 seconds remaining in the game.

The league admitted it missed a foul call against Drayman Green with 12 seconds remaining in the game. According to the report, Green fouled James by grabbing his arm and it impacted his freedom of movement.

Additionally, the league noted Green should have been charged with a lane violation on the second free throw attempt by Cavaliers point guard George Hill, which Hill missed.

The miss led to the moment when Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith rebounded the ball and ran towards half court and let the clock expire.

Of the eight calls and non-calls reviews by the NBA, it deemed only two were either incorrect or missed.