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Nationals Park: What you need to know to make it a great day

Nationals Park, baseball

A trip to Nationals Park provides baseball fans with an opportunity to both experience downtown and catch a Washington Nationals game. Before you step foot on the grounds, here’s everything you must know about Nationals Park.

Where is Nationals Park located?         

Nationals Park is in Washington, D.C. The address is 1500 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003. 

Who plays at Nationals Park? 

The Washington Nationals play at Nationals Park? 

What is the capacity of the Nationals Park? 

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals
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The capacity at Nationals Park is 41,313, which is the number of seats they have. 

When do gates open at Nationals Park? 

All gates open 90 minutes before the game’s scheduled time. 

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How much is the parking at Nationals Park?

Nationals Park
Credit – MLB

Parking can cost anywhere from $20 to $49 at Nationals Park. All lots will open two and a half hours before the start of each game. Please be aware that drive-up parking is available on a game-by-game basis and is not available for all games. It is highly suggested that parking be purchased before arriving at Nationals Park to avoid inconvenience.  

Can you tailgate at Nationals Park? 

Tailgating is not allowed at any of the Nationals Park garages and lots. 

What bars are close to Nationals Park? 

Nationals Park
Credit – MLB

Since you can’t tailgate at Nationals Park garages or lots, we have lists of a few bars within walking distance of Nationals Park. 

How much is a suite at Nationals Park? 

A Nationals Park suite can cost between $4,500 to $8,000 depending on the size of the suite, day, package, and who is playing. We have listed the different types of suites and what they consist of. All suites have a private bathroom and a dedicated suite attendant and include all-inclusive food and beverages, including beer and wine. 

  • Silver Slugger Suite: Located on the third level and can hold 50 seats.
  • Party Suites: Perfect suite for a larger group holding 32 seats. 
  • Washington Suites: Located directly behind home plate, you will be right on top of the action. It can hold 23 to 29 seats, depending on your party. 
  • Lincoln Suites: Located between a first and third base that provides the best views in the park. It can hold 16 to 24 seats. 
  • Jefferson Suites: This is a cozy suite for holding small groups in private in a VIP setting. Between 15 to 19 seats in this suite. 

Can you watch batting practice at Nationals Park? 

Guests are invited to watch batting practice once gates are open. Batting practice times are approximate and subject to change without notifying you. If you do get there in time for batting practice, you could get lucky and have one of the players throw you a ball as a souvenir. 

What can you bring into Nationals Park?

Bags allowed into Nationals Park must be clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC and not exceed 16” by 16’ by 8. 

Can you bring food and water into Nationals Park? 

You are to bring outside food, but it must be in a soft-sided container or cooler that cannot exceed 16” by 16’ by 8. Only one bottle of water per person can be allowed in. 

Is Nationals Park cashless? 

Yes, Nationals Park is cashless and only accepts credit or debit cards as a payment. 

What is there to eat at Nationals Park?

Nationals Park
Credit – MLB

There is so much food to choose from at Nationals park. We have listed different places you can eat at. If you want to see the menu of the places, download the MLB Ballpark app to see all the menu options each food stand has. 

Main Concourse

  • Haute Dog & Fries, Section 105
  • Medium Rare, Section 105
  • Hard Times Café, Section 105
  • See. You. Tater., Section 106
  • Lobster Shack, Section 107
  • Harris Creek Oysters, Section 107
  • Senators Sausage, Section 108
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl, Section 109
  • Dolci Gelati, Section 113
  • Grazie Grazie, Section 114
  • Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, Section 114
  • La Casita Pupuseria, Section 116

Main Concourse

  • Grand Slam Grill, Section 110
  • South Mountain Creamery, Section 115
  • Enzo’s Pizza, Section 115
  • Change Up Chicken, Section 117
  • Skittles Machine, Section 127
  • Nats Dogs, Section 129
  • Pop Fly Popcorn, Section 129
  • Georgetown Grill, Section 130

Gallery Level

  • Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, Section 307
  • Senator’s Sausage, Section 308
  • Dolci Gelati, Section 309
  • Steak of the Union, Section 315
  • Taqueria del Barrio, Section 316
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl, Section 318
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