Movember: The best mustaches in the NFL

Nov 14, 2020; Pullman, Washington, USA; A cardboard cutout of former Washington State Cougars quarterback Gardner Minshew sits with other cardboard cutouts in the Crimzone before a football game against the Oregon Ducks at Martin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is often looked to for style inspiration, entertainment and more. People like Juju Smith-Schuster, the McCourty twins and more are actively involved in their communities, and guys like Julian Edelman are looked to for their fashion sense and style. But, regardless, many an NFL player is known to partake in various trends and social causes. This month, it’s Movember, and people around the league are showing their support.

What is Movember?

Each year, men grow mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer. They get creative with their facial hair, growing handlebar staches, thick staches, and all sorts of charitable facial hair.

NFL players have taken to participating, and whiskers are often found sneaking out from behind their helmets. And because everyone loves a good stache, we have rounded up some of the best ones in the league. Some go beyond No Shave November, and some seem to just be celebrating.

Behold, some of the best mustaches in the NFL.

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Apart from having a crazy good season, quarterback Josh Allen is also very busy growing a wicked mustache.

Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills

Diggs is a solid force for the Bills, and has a solid force on his upper lip.

Rex Burkhead, New England Patriots

New England is looking to its rushing game. Rex Burkhead and his mustache are bringing the power.

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Gardner Minshew, Jacksonville Jaguars

There is no way to make a mustache list without including Gardner Minshew and his iconic stache. Sure, he isn’t the Jaguars starter. Sure, he’s had his stache all year. But it’s nothing if not legendary so, naturally, he led the Jaguars’ Movember efforts last year:

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns

Last year, the Browns quarterback grew a handlebar mustache for Movember. He shaved it when he lost his first game, because he felt like he didn’t deserve it. Only winners get the bars. And man, did he have handlebars. His shaved look quickly went to just a mustache, which got a lot of criticism.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is nothing if not consistent in his mustache growth. It has come and gone from his face over the years, but it is never to be forgotten.

Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

AB is another guy who isn’t afraid to decorate his upper lip. He has brought the stache to almost every stop in his career. Tampa Bay is no exception.

Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs

The Super Bowl-winning coach is known for his play calling prowess, but he is also known for his iconic facial hair.