“Monday Night Football” posts second-worst ratings ever

An over-policed product combined with subpar matchups, and it should come as a surprise that NFL Monday Night Football posted it’s second-worst season ratings in program history, second only to the 2007 season,¬†per Yahoo Finance.

Faced with the third straight year of declining ratings, fifth of the last six, people have already started making excuses for the declining ratings — “The election has interfered

And while that may be a valid argument to an extent, the election wasn’t on for three years straight.

With the oversaturation of pro football on TV today, with Thursday Night football, Saturday football, Sunday football, Sunday night prime-time games and Monday night football, it makes sense that viewership has fallen off.

Add in the multitude of redundant and annoying penalties, plus the crackdown on celebrations, and fans are willing to turn to college to get their football fix.

Expect this trend to continue until the NFL can figure out exactly how to right a sinking ship.