MLB data shows Aaron Judge is marketing dream

Aaron Judge home run New York Yankees

With his performance in the Home Run Derby, New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge generated a lot of buzz around the All-Star Game. He moved a lot of merchandise, as well.

As ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick noted, merchandise sales were considerably up in Miami when compared to San Diego in 2016.

Objectively, Judge deserves a lot of that credit.

Throughout the first half of the season, Judge made headlines on a regular basis. He was setting long held franchise rookie records, hitting towering home runs, and going to Broadway shows in his spare time. That was all capped off by an iconic performance at the Home Run Derby.

More than that, Judge plays in MLB’s biggest market for it’s most storied and followed team. Judge also has prolific power, something that fans (especially young fans) are drawn too. Lastly, he’s just an incredibly marketable guy. It’s hard to imagine a demographic of people (whether divided by age, race, or gender) that wouldn’t love Judge.

Judge really has a lot going for him in terms of marketing. He really does check all of the boxes. For marketers, he’s a veritable dream boat.