MLB community in awe as Vlad Guerrero Jr. sets Home Run Derby record

By Jesse Reed
© Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Vlad Guerrero Jr. came out swinging during the first round of the Home Run Derby Monday night, blasting some mammoth homers to take the early lead.

By the time Guerrero was done, he made Joc Pedersen’s 21 home runs look like child’s play, knocking it out of the park 29 times in four minutes, thirty seconds of action. For the record, it’s the most in one round in Home Run Derby history.

Not only did Guerrero hit 29 dingers, but many of them were of the “oh, my goodness” variety, going well over 450 feet, with his longest going 476 feet and a grand total of 2.3 miles of distance.

Given what we saw over the weekend as he prepared for this, though, we should have seen it coming. Still, fans were simply in awe of the 20-year-old’s display of raw power.

This kid is really something special.