Mike Mayock: ‘I think Derek Carr is a franchise QB’

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

New Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock made a statement about quarterback Derek Carr on Wednesday that seems to indicate he’s not looking to upgrade.

Speaking to reporters at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine, Mayock said, “I think Derek Carr is a franchise QB,” per John Breech of CBS Sports. “I think it’d be difficult [in the draft] to improve over the QB we have in the building.”

Mayock also said that, as a general manager, you always have to keep your eyes open.

Previously, the former NFL Network draft expert hadn’t exactly backed Carr as a long-term option for the Raiders. Even now, his statement leaves room for interpretation. By saying “I think” and then citing the draft as his reason for not being able to upgrade, Mayock is seemingly not 100 percent sold on Carr.

We recently broke down why, overall, this year’s draft isn’t a good one for teams needing a franchise passer. Mayock has to know that. So, essentially, he’s saying Carr is the team’s best option right now. And that’s not wrong.

Basically, what it all looks like is that if Carr ends up having another campaign next season like the one he had in 2018, Mayock will be eager to upgrade.