Mike Ditka declines Donald Trump invite to speak at convention

By Rachel Wold
Courtesy of Jacob Byk, USA Today Sports

There has apparently been a bit of confusion circulating in regards to an invitation from Donald Trump to former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka asking him to speak at a Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Ditka — a clear supporter of the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee — actually turned down an invite to speak at the convention during an earlier conversation.

“I’m not big into doing things like that (conventions). I’m not going to change opinions, opinions are like a*******. I believe in the way the constitution was written,” Ditka reportedly told Trump, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “But people want to change that. Immigration. Same thing. People want to change things. I believe in you and what you are saying.”

Whether Ditka will remain a spectator or change his mind and speak on Trump’s behalf remains to be seen.

The same conversation did tell us a story of Trump name dropping New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, indicating the two were friends.

Along with the confusion surrounding Ditka, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was also rumored to have been invited to speak at the Republican National Convention. Though, Trump himself has denied those rumors since.