Miguel Cabrera has now homered against every MLB team

Miguel Cabrera has added yet another achievement in a career that will certainly put him in the Hall of Fame. With his home run on Tuesday against the Miami Marlins (his former team), Cabrera has now homered against every MLB club.

A few pieces need to fall into place for this to happen.

One, the player obviously needs to play for more than one team. Cabrera has done that.

Two, it would help for the player to play in both leagues. Other than interleague “rivalries,” teams from opposite leagues only play each other once every few years. Cabrera has done that, as well.

Three, the player has to have immense power. Cabrera definitely has that in spades. With another home run against Miami on Wednesday, the two-time MVP now has 426 home runs. Given that he’s only 33, the Tigers’ slugger has plenty of time to hit many more bombs.

Don’t be surprised if Miguel Cabrera takes another turn or two through the league.