Michael Vick Reportedly Has ‘Several Teams’ Interested In Him

By Jesse Reed

Michael Vick was once the most dangerous player in the NFL, but the veteran quarterback is currently without a job. That may soon change, as former NFL wide receiver Chris Chambers says there are “several teams that want him.”

“He didn’t know if he wanted to play football again,” said Chambers, via The Miami Herald.

“There was a lot of political stuff with him and Geno Smith with the Jets last year. Last two weeks, he has done phenomenal. There are several teams that want him. He wanted to be on a winning team. He wants to play three years. Eventually, he wants to start again.”

Chambers convinced Vick’s agent, Joel Segal, to let his client train with him for a few weeks before making himself available for offers, per the report. The former receiver has a training facility dubbed, “The Chamber,” where he prepares rookies and veterans who are attempting to land a job with an NFL team.

Vick hasn’t been viewed as a viable starter since being overtaken by Nick Foles on the Philadelphia Eagles depth chart. He’s been increasingly erratic with his play when called into duty since 2012, posting a combined record of 6-13 in his starts.

Though Vick is getting up there in age (34), he still possesses dynamic athleticism and a cannon for an arm. Therefore it’s not surprising that he is being viewed as a potential option for “several teams,” as Chambers says.

As for the desire to become a starter again, well, Vick may be dreaming. That said, injuries have the power to shape the league in strange ways. Furthermore, players have re-invented themselves for the better throughout the history of the league. Perhaps Vick will do the same.

Photo: USA Today Sports