Michael Vick felt bad, held back at times : ‘I dominated the game so much’

Michael Vick

Just how good was Michael Vick in his prime? Well, he was certainly one of the most electric college football players we’ve ever seen, and he had some extraordinary performances as a professional.

However, based on a comment he made speaking on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday, Vick was so amazing that it just wasn’t fair to his opponents.

He said he felt bad about how dominant he was and that he held back when his teams were up. He also said he’s apologized to defensive players for being so good “on multiple occasions.”

“There were times when I dominated the game so much that I started to feel bad about what I was doing,” Vick said, much to the amusement of Dan Patrick. “You know, it was an eerie feeling. But yeah, it was fun at the same time, but I’m like, saying to myself, ‘Man, you’re doing too much. Just scale back a little bit.’ And I did that when I was young.”

At this point, Patrick stopped abruptly and said, “Wait, you held back because you were embarrassing people so badly?”

To which Vick responded, “Yeah. But we was probably up by 20, 30 points, so … there was reasoning for it.”

We can only assume Vick is reflecting on his high school days, more so than his tenure at Virginia Tech and in the NFL. Blessed with extraordinary abilities as both a runner and a passer, Vick was a phenom at Homer L. Ferguson High School in Newport News, Virginia.

Vick also reiterated during his interview on the show that he’s absolutely retired. He also¬†apologized for what he said last week about Colin Kaepernick, which made headlines nationally.