Michael Vick Believes He Has What It Takes to Be an NFL Starter

By Rachel Wold

Veteran quarterback Michael Vick has hit a rather big dry spell in what has been an otherwise decent 12-year NFL career. He currently remains without a team as the 2015 season inches closer, and there hasn’t been much interest in his services.

Vick recently made an appearance at charity golf event and was asked whether he still considers himself a starter in the NFL.

“Absolutely,” he replied, according to The Washington Times. “Yeah, I do.”

Vick is coming off a one-year stint with the New York Jets where he participated in 10 games, throwing just four touchdowns compared to two interceptions in the process.

Approaching his 35th birthday, Vick has far surpassed his prime and is hoping for one last opportunity to extend his NFL career:

“I think when you’re a veteran, you can do it,” he said. “You understand everything that goes on throughout the course of an NFL season, throughout the course of a preseason. So you know how to pace yourself. You’ve just got to stay training. You’ve just got to work out. You have to make sure when you go in that you’re in tip-top shape and not lagging, because if you do, it’s going to show.”

While teams complete their OTAs and finish their minicamps later this month, the chances of Vick receiving a phone call from an interested suitor are diminishing. The small handful of teams that could possibly have had an interest in Vick earlier in the offseason seem to be content with their quarterback options. No matter how positive Vick remains, it appears this ship has sailed.

Photo: USA Today Sports