What Michael Jordan Can Buy with his $1 Billion

As you might already know, Pro Basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan is the newest member of the billion-dollar club. While the idea of a cool $1 billion might be hard for most of us to comprehend, there are things in this world worth that amount of money. No really. 

Here are some things “His Airness” could very well buy outright. I am pretty sure some of this stuff would be quite awesome to own.

A House in India


Honestly, I just came across this photo. Apparently India’s richest human, Mukesh Ambani, has completed development on this grand piece of real estate in Mumbai. Talk about taking the housing game to a new level. My word.

To the Moon and Back


A roundtrip vacation to the moon is going for a cool $750 million. Jordan could afford this trip and more. Maybe he will decide to stay there a while, bringing all the necessities that life requires with him. In that case, LeBron James would then REALLY be the best player on Earth.

Chicago Cubs


Why not? It might take Jordan owning this franchise for it to actually start winning. Then again, it’s not like the Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets have had much success under Jordan. Let’s just hope if Jordan does decide to buy the Lovable Losers, he doesn’t suit up for them.

Solomon Islands


This is what I would do with a cool $1 billion. A whole host of big islands connected by an ocean just east of Papua New Guinea. While the Islands have some historical significance to Americans (Battle Guadalcanal during World War II), Jordan could just set up camp and relax his way further into retirement. Besides, we all would be invited, right?

285,000,000 Big Mac’s


Or the ability to buy three weeks worth of food for every North Korean citizen. This is potentially a plan Dennis Rodman could get behind. Jordan could also buy all these for himself, in which case…


The Nation of Grenada


You read that right. With a GDP (gross domestic product) of $811 billion, Jordan could theoretically purchase the nation of Grenada and the 132.8 square miles of land that comes with it. Grenada’s national anthem is still “God Save the Queen” from its time as a British colony. I wonder if Jordan would change that or just go with the flow. Cue the Space Jam soundtrack.

Las Vegas Casino


Unfortunately for Jordan, he couldn’t afford some of the top-notch casinos and resorts in Vegas. The Cosmopolitan, which sold for a cool $1.7 billion back in 2012, is the type that would be out of his price range. Fortunately, places like Las Vegas Hotel (formerly known as Las Vegas Hilton) is right in Jordan’s price range. In fact, he’d have enough left to purchase about 305,000 $1 chips. See what we did there?

Photo:  NBC News