Michael Bennett: NFL is full of hypocrisy

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is a newly paid man. He is also headed to the playoffs, and per the usual he has plenty to say.

This time around, he called out the NFL and its many hypocrisies.

“The NFL doesn’t want us to be individuals,” Bennett told Mike Freeman of the B/R. “Look at the NBA; they are allowed to market themselves and think about their life after basketball. The NFL is all about the shield, the shield, the shield. I could go on all day about the hypocrisy of that.”

The Super Bowl champion also discussed with Freeman what frightens him most in life.

“Only two things ever scared me: marriage and death,” Bennett said. “One I did, and the other hasn’t happened yet. We’re too much of a veteran group to be scared of any team.”

There we have it. Bennett doesn’t sound too scared to take on the Detroit Lions in Saturday’s Wild Card matchup at CenturyLink Field. This marks the fourth season in a row that Bennett’s Seahawks have made it to the postseason.

In the three previous seasons, the Seahawks have made two Super Bowl appearances. Beating the Lions this weekend would send the team one step closer to making it to the big game once again.

This is far from the first time Bennett has voiced his opinion about what is wrong with the NFL. Last year he railed against the ridiculous amount of money quarterbacks are paid versus other positions, and he recently laid into the NFL’s top stars for staying away from speaking up about social issues (more on that here).

It most certainly won’t be the last, despite the fact that the NFL would probably love it if he simply kept his opinions to himself.