Michael Bennett has hilarious take regarding contract situation

By Rachel Wold

Details of NFL contracts are a matter of public record, meaning other players can access the details of what colleagues around the league earn.

This is an especially sensitive issue when it comes to Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett who has been barking for a couple of years that he would like a raise.

In his usual witty sarcasm, Bennett shared this quirky comparison to how he feels about seeing the deals other NFL players have received recently.

“I pay more attention to things like Donald Trump and stuff like that, political campaigns going on right now, different things going on around the world,” Bennett said, per Sheil Kapadia of ESPN. “People eating too much beef, stuff like that. So I don’t really pay attention to too many contracts. It can make your stomach hurt. It’s like seeing your favorite girlfriend get married to somebody else.”

We can’t ignore the last part of Bennett’s statement when he mentions his “favorite girlfriend.” How must the others feel that aren’t the favorites?

Joking aside, it has got to boil Bennett’s blood just a little to watch a guy like Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox ink a six-year $102.6 million deal while Bennett is destined to earn just $7.1 million in 2016.

Bennett is currently playing out a $28.5 million contract that takes him through 2017. He will also turn 31 this November.

As it stands, Bennett has been in attendance at the Seahawks’ minicamp, but isn’t practicing due to an ankle injury. He is wise in being there considering skipping these mandatory practices with the team would have cost him a hefty $76,580 per day.

Some can relate with Bennett seeking more money considering he just recorded a career-high 10 sacks and 52 combined tackles in 2015.

Unfortunately, the Seahawks are not going to be inclined to adjust Bennett’s deal midstream, no matter how cleverly he hints at wanting a raise.