Miami Heat could pull off two separate trades to land Damian Lillard

NBA stars on the move have been a common theme in past seasons, shaking up power rankings while the community waits to hear about the latest trade rumors. This summer it’s all about Damian Lillard, and whether the Portland Trail Blazers honor his request to be traded to the Miami Heat.

We know the Blazers are asking for an exorbitant trade return for Lillard, reportedly seeking at least four first-round picks plus two quality players for the 7x All-NBA point guard. Other reports suggest the front office already rejected trade offers that would have made Lillard a happy camper in Portland.

But here we are, and Lillard remains on the team, and sources say he has zero plans to report to training camp later this year without a trade elsewhere. Meanwhile, Miami continues working overtime trying to come up with an offer to please Portland.

With reports suggesting the Trail Blazers aren’t enamored with an offer centering around Tyler Herro and multiple draft selections, it’s possible the Heat complete a separate trade involving their sharpshooter before moving back to Lillard.

That’s the exact rumor going around now, according to Shams Charania, who notes the Heat may flip Herro to another team, landing an extra first-round pick that they can then send back to Portland. The end result would give the Heat at least three first-round selections plus expiring contracts to offer the Blazers. It’s possible a third team could still get involved, too, sweetening the pot.

Yet, as Charania notes, is that enough for Portland to bite? One extra first-round pick than the Heat are offering now? Does that really move the needle? We’ll find out whether there’s more to this story soon enough as the Lillard saga continues to add more chapters.

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