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Miami Heat’s pursuit of Damian Lillard trade hits a major snag, casting doubt on potential deal

The Miami Heat making a trade for Damian Lillard was always going to be hard, but a new round of information makes it seem a deal is unlikely unless the organization can get a bunch of help from elsewhere.

The Miami Heat made history in 2023 by being the second team to ever make it to the NBA Finals as an eight-seed. However, in the championship series, it was made abundantly clear that they are still a major piece away from bringing the franchise their first title since 2013.

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Since the season ended, the Miami Heat have taken a patient approach to the offseason and waited to see if a superstar like Damian Lillard became available. Well, low and behold, the Portland Trail Blazers legend finally did what many had speculated about for years by asking for a trade out of town.

Following the news, the word has been that the seven-time All-Star only has one team on his wish list: The Miami Heat. However, while originally it was thought that the Trail Blazers would acquiesce to Lillard’s desires, the team is expected to instead seek out the best return possible for the team, and that likely might not be Miami.

  • Damian Lillard stats (’22-’23): 32.2 PPG, 4.8 RPG, 7.3 APG, 0.9 SPG, 37% 3PT

Portland Trail Blazers ‘not impressed’ by Miami Heat trade assets

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The organization is believed to be open to moving any player on the roster except Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler. Yet, they don’t have a horde of NBA Draft assets or young stars that intrigue rival teams. That fact was reported on Tuesday by ESPN league insider Adrian Wojnarowski, as he explained Portland’s not being “impressed” with the Heat’s offers during a morning appearance on Sportscenter.

“Portland I’m told is not impressed with what Miami has to offer them. And while it’s Damian Lillard’s preference to go to the Heat, Portland has to get back a maximum value for Damian Lillard if they’re going to trade him.

“Miami, at the minimum, needs a third team probably to take on Tyler Herro, and then have those assets from that team sent on to Portland. Portland doesn’t have interest in bringing in Tyler Herro. For Portland, they’re going to take their time with this process.”

– Adrian Wojnarowski

The Miami Heat are in a very difficult position because the player they need is available and wants to be there, however, they may not have the assets to get a deal done. And one has to wonder how willing Eastern Conference rivals would be in trying to help them out.

And if they can only swing a three or four-team trade with Western teams, the likelihood of a trade getting done seems nearly impossible.

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