Metta World Peace: Opponents hate the Warriors because they’re ‘too good’

Outside of their own locker room, the Golden State Warriors aren’t exactly a beloved team. Now, why is that? They’re just too good. That’s at least the opinion that Metta World Peace shares.

To be fair, the Warriors have plenty of other reasons to hate them. A big one is that they employ people like Draymond Green, JaVale McGee and Matt Barnes, all of whom certainly rub people the wrong way.

Also, as we learned from the scorn that LeBron James got for joining the Miami Heat in 2010, fans and players alike don’t like superteams. When the already loaded Warriors signed Kevin Durant, they created one. A good deal of the criticism was completely hypocritical (we’re looking at you, Paul Pierce), but it rubbed people the wrong way and continues to do so.

But the man formerly known as Ron Artest is not wrong. If Golden State had flamed out this year, nobody would continue to hate the. In order for a team to generate hate, it needs to be good. The Warriors are certainly that. For that reason, Golden State should consider being hated the ultimate compliment.