Mets visited injured soldiers and it ‘exposed’ team to reality of life

By Jessica Kleinschmidt

We often see athletes spending time with members of the community and it always manages to make your heart melt. This time around, the story will bring tears to your eyes, but you’ll be smiling at the same time.

According to the NY Daily News, the New York Mets visited battle victims at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. General manager Sandy Alderson was in attendance. This visit holds a special place with him as he himself served as a Marine in Vietnam. He spoke to the media after, saying the cliches towards the military are “overused.”

“I have definitely thought about it,” the GM said. “Is it trite? Probably. Is it insensitive? I’m not sure. I think some veterans see it as some form of flattery, but at the same time most of us do not understand what it all means.”

The visit was voluntary, but every member of the Mets who was in town participated. Alderson also mentioned the visit really gave exposure to what these individuals went through, adding “it is about exposing all of us who are in a somewhat insulated environment to the reality of life.”

Alderson served as a platoon commander and intelligence officer, among other jobs, in Vietnam in 1970 and 1971.

This is something they do every year and it seems like it’s more than just a simple visit and pickup basketball game.