Matt Forte says Brandon Marshall didn’t hold himself accountable

Courtesy of USA Today: It’s possible the Bears could part ways with Brandon Marshall

Former Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, now with the New York Jets, went on record to say that quarterback Jay Cutler didn’t hold himself accountable for the team’s woes last year.

The Bears finished the 2014 season with a pitiful 5-11 record.

Coming to set the situation straight, running back Matt Forte addressed Marshall’s comments and painted his former teammate in an unfavorable light:

“I don’t think that was the case where everyone was held accountable [last year]. I don’t see how he can say that,” Forte said on The Rich Eisen Show (h/t ESPN).”

“Sometimes Brandon didn’t hold himself accountable.”

Forte also admitted that their former head coach Marc Trestman’s decision to let Marshall travel to film “Inside the NFL” in New York became a sore point among the team.

“I didn’t have an issue with it as long as he got back in time, or took care of his body and came to play every Sunday,” Forte said. “I guess a lot of people had issue with that and thought his mind wasn’t on football first.”

Forte makes a point here. We could question whether Marshall’s mind and body were 100 percent dedicated to the game with his weekly jaunts out of town to moonlight with NFL Network.

As far as Cutler is concerned, he took the high road regarding Marshall’s digs and proceeded to wish Marshall well with his new team.

“All I can say is he’s got a lot of good friends on this team and we wish him the best of luck.”

Luck is what Marshall is going to need, based on the quarterback disarray in New York. If he thought his situation was less than ideal with Cutler and the Bears, then he has quite the rude awakening coming to him this season with the Jets.