Matt Forte makes it clear he wasn’t joking about wanting a job with the Bears

By Jesse Reed

Last week, former Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte took to his Twitter account letting his former team know he’s available for a job.

He was responding to the news that the Denver Broncos had hired DeMarcus Ware as a pass-rushing consultant.

Then on Tuesday, Forte saw a headline that read, “Matt Forte jokingly asks the Bears for a job on Twitter.”

He made it clear that, no, in fact, he was not joking.

Forte officially retired in April of this year, so we assume he’s looking for a similar type job with Chicago that Ware landed in Denver.

And though I have no dog in this fight, it seems like the Bears could do a lot worse than hiring one of the best dual-purpose backs to have played in the past 20 years or so.