Martellus Bennett launches spicy response to report about free agency demands

Martellus Bennett is like the rest of us. He reads what’s online. He checks Twitter for interesting tidbits of information, and sometimes he doesn’t like what he sees.

That’s exactly what happened Wednesday.

Bennett stumbled upon a report suggesting that the New England Patriots handed him (Martelius) a championship ring and that he’s demanding $9 million per year, more than Rob Gronkowski makes.

Here’s what Bennett had to say about that.

“First of all put some respeck on my name it’s Martellus. And the patriots didn’t hand me anything me and my teammates earned that sh–. ¬†And you have no idea what I want. If you don’t hear it from me stop believing repeating the sh–.

Bennett had a little more to say about all that, but you get the idea. And if you need to read more, just check out his account @MartysaurusRex.

It’s unknown what Bennett wants. He’s right about that.

But many do expect him to test the market when free agency opens in March rather than immediately taking a deal with the Patriots. On the other hand, Bennett himself recently made a comment that suggests he believe’s the best place for him now, and after football, is with the Patriots (more on that here).

One thing we can all agree on here is that, if you’re going to write about a man, at least spell his name right, right?