Marshawn Lynch’s $500 gift turns into free $2,000 pair of Buscemis for Terrance Downs

By Rachel Wold
Courtesy of USA Today: As one of the most physically imposing RB’s, Lynch should benefit from the new rule.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s random act of kindness appears to have sparked a trickle-down effect.

Lynch generously gave Terrance Downs, who works at a Dallas McDonald’s, $500 so he could buy a pair of Buscemis to help get him started on his dream of opening up a fashion store.

Apparently, Rob Heppler (co-founder of Buscemi) caught wind of the story and reached out to Downs. He hooked him up with a pair of multi-color 100mm shoes that retail for $1,950. These snazzy kicks feature authentic snakeskin leather and gold-plated hardware.

Heppler also wanted to help Downs pursue his dream.

“Marshawn’s goal was to help Terrance grow,” Heppler said via TMZ Sports. “We felt that having him put his money toward starting his business would help that.”

“Now, he’ll look really sharp when he opens his boutique.”

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Downs will likely never forget the day Lynch walked into his McDonalds and helped inspire his dream. And, how cool was it for Heppler to jump in and make sure Downs looks the part when he eventually breaks into the world of retail fashion.

Lynch is certainly unique guy, and his apparent soft spot for fashion should be a speaking point for anyone who may experience a random encounter.