Marquette King had to be escorted off field by Broncos PR for going after reporter

The Oakland Raiders surprised a lot of people by releasing punter Marquette King earlier this offseason amid rumors that new head coach Jon Gruden had a personality conflict with him.

The Denver Broncos were all too happy to pick King up in free agency, but he’s already rocking the boat a bit clashing with local media.

On Friday,┬áradio hosts Zach Bye and┬áBrandon Stokley of 104.3 The Fan were interviewing King when he really put the brakes on the whole thing by saying he didn’t want to talk about football and answered their questions in a terse manner.

Then on Saturday, King sent Bye a message on Twitter that can only be interpreted one way, and it’s not anything nice.

Fast forward to Sunday, and King took things a step further.

Here’s a picture of King being guided away from reporters, along with a recap of the last 48 hours from Bye’s perspective.

This really isn’t a good look for King.

Being upset with media is one thing. Going after them in any sort of manner that could be construed as threatening is quite a bit over the line.

Hopefully this situation doesn’t continue to escalate.