Mark Cuban wants to ’emulate’ Jerry Jones

By Jesse Reed

As Jerry Jones prepares to take the stage in Canton later this summer as a newly inducted member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he has an admirer in Mark Cuban.

Cuban hasn’t always had nice things to say about the NFL, but he spoke in glowing terms about his fellow Texan owner.

“Hopefully I emulate all this,” Cuban said, per SportsDay. “Jerry had two goals: One, to be successful in business and he knew he had to sell, and two, to win. And when you’re trying to be successful usually someone’s not going to take kindly to the way you do it. Jerry’s always been a great salesperson and he set the example if you want to be successful it doesn’t hurt to eat, sleep and breathe your company. He’s done that and he does that to this day.”

Jones has been one of the most prominent owners in the NFL since he bought the team in 1989 for the sum of $140 million. Since then, he’s crafted a brand that is now global and has a personal net worth of approximately $5.2 billion.

The Cowboys recently moved into a brand new stadium that is one of the NFL’s crown jewels. They also opened up a brand new, massive practice facility — The Star in Frisco — that is equipped to house 12,000 fans during training camp.

In terms of business success and winning, Jones has accomplished much during his tenure as Dallas owner. Though, Cowboys fans might balk at the suggestion his teams have won enough, especially since Jimmy Johnson’s and Barry Switzer’s departures.

But that’s neither here nor there in terms of Cuban’s comments. He’d do well to match what Jones, who’s always raising the bar, has accomplished.