Marcus Morris to Kyrie Irving: ‘Just don’t go to Golden State’

When reports surfaced on Friday that Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving had requested a trade, most people around the NBA world were thrown for a loop. Immediately, speculation arose about where Irving might end up. And while the defending champion Golden State Warriors were not included in that list, that idea had to be in the back of minds of NBA players the world over.

“Please don’t go to Golden State.”

That’s a term we likely could have heard over and over again around NBA front offices.

For his part, new Boston Celtics forward Marcus Morris took that thought and made it public immediately after reports of Irving’s request set the Internet ablaze.

There’s definitely some good news for teams attempting to unseat Golden State this upcoming season. With Stephen Curry in the mix, the Warriors have absolutely no need for Irving. They also don’t have the financial means or assets to make a play for someone of Irving’s ilk.

On the other hand, the Irving drama could very well be beneficial to Golden State. It has met these same Cavaliers in the Finals three consecutive years. They are, by far, the two-best teams in the Association. Should Cleveland be forced to trade Irving, it would pretty much be a boon for the Warriors — dependent, of course, on where Irving ends up.