Marcus Mariota believes he’s 2-3 weeks away from jogging

Marcus Mariota

The 2016 season ended prematurely for Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota when he broke his fibula in Week 16. As workouts get underway, it’s fair to wonder. How is Mariota progressing?

According to the quarterback, his patience is being tested. But he doesn’t think he’s far from full mobility.

“I understand that I’ve got a lot of time to get my body right and that’s my goal,” Mariota said, per Paul Kuharsky, ESPN. “Maybe another two to three weeks [until I am jogging]. Hopefully. I can’t give you an exact timetable. That’s the benchmark I am aiming for.”

While it’s nothing concrete, it’s good news for the Titans.

Leg injuries often take the better part of a season to truly heal. Given that running is a bug part of Mariota’s game, that would be an even greater problem for him.

With a healthy Mariota, Tennessee should be considered at worst a legitimate playoff contender in 2017. The Titans finished 9-7 a season ago, only missing the playoffs because of a lost tiebreaker with the Houston Texans. Given that Tennessee holds two first-round picks (including the fifth overall) in the upcoming NFL Draft, it should have an upgraded roster in 2017.

The quicker Mariota can return to the practice field, the less worrisome his rehab will be. The less worrisome his rehab is, the more dangerous the Titans become.