Malcolm Jenkins: I’d rather play Brady than Rodgers

As the NFL sets to kick off the divisional round of the playoffs the game’s top quarterbacks remain in an effort to hoist the Lombardi next month.

What New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his counterpart in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers, have done this season is nothing short of amazing.

The two combined for 68 touchdowns compared to nine interceptions during the regular season en route to leading their teams to the playoffs. But for Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Malcolm Jenkins, it’s rather clear who he’d prefer to play against.

“I’d rather play against Tom Brady, because at the end of the day I know he’s going to be three yards from that center and he’s not moving from that spot,” Jenkins said, via NFL.com. “You can get after him and try and get pressure on him. He’s obviously going to still make plays but the one thing about playing Aaron Rodgers is, if you want to get after him, he’s good at beating you no matter how he does it.”

Tell us how you really feel, Mr. Jenkins.

As it is, the former first-round pick isn’t necessarily wrong here. Defensive players around the NFL have talked in unison about the difficulties playing mobile quarterbacks. Despite what seems to be a rather pedestrian 369 rushing yards during the regular season, Rodgers is among the most-mobile quarterbacks in the NFL.

On the other hand, Brady continues to act as nothing more than a statue in the offensive backfield. He gained exactly 64 rushing yards during the 2016 regular season, which was a five-year best for the future Hall of Famer.

This isn’t to say Brady is less dangerous than Rodgers. Instead, it’s all about who defenders view as easier to prepare for and go up against. Then again, that’s until we realize Brady has his Patriots at 14-2 on the season and as the odds-on favorites to hoist the Lombardi in Houston next month.

New England hosts the Houston Texans Saturday night at Gillette Stadium with a trip to the AFC Championship game on the line. Meanwhile, Rodgers and the Packers travel to Dallas to take on the top seed Cowboys Sunday afternoon.