LOOK: Umpires badly blow replay in NL Wild Card Game

By Michael Dixon
Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

The top of the eighth inning in Tuesday’s National League Wild Card Game ended in a double play that was controversial to say the least.

With a man on first, Colorado Rockies second baseman DJ LeMahieu hit a grounder to his opposite number, Daniel Murphy. Murphy had some issues getting the ball out of his glove, but eventually made the throw to shortstop Javier Baez at second, who caught the ball to retire runner Drew Butera and threw on to first to get LeMahieu.

While the play at first was not disputed, it was immediately pretty clear that Butera was safe at second.

Only, it didn’t work that way. The play was reviewed and the original call was upheld.

Indeed, some explanation would have been nice on this one. It’s possble that Butera’s foot was blocked by Baez’s. But alas, we’re just left to speculate.

Some clarity would have been helpful.