LOOK: Tom Brady trolls everyone with Belichick-like tweet

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off two consecutive losses to fellow AFC contenders, many have started to wonder if the New England Patriots dynasty is starting to fall. Naturally, quarterback Tom Brady trolled everyone’s overreactions with a tweet even Bill Belichick would love.

A day after his team lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, Brady took to Twitter and brought back one of Belichick’s most famous mantras.


Of course, it perfectly fits with the Patriots set to travel to Cincinnati for a Week 15 matchup against the Bengals. It’s the same line Belichick delivered to reporters in 2014 when Kansas City dominated the Patriots in a 41-14 thumping.

The Patriots would go on to destroy Cincinnati 43-17, a score they might try to top in Week 15 given the Bengals 1-12 record. Of course, the Patriots also went on to win Super Bowl XLIX that season too. New England is still in great position at 10-3 and it’s clear the team’s mindset remains positive.

While we’re pretty sure Belichick wouldn’t be able to find Brady’s tweet, or if he would even call it Twitter, we know Belichick would love the message.