LOOK: Steelers QB has hilarious reaction to ‘Madden’ rating

Devlin Hodges
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Professional athletes are much like the rest of us while in quarantine nowadays. Some are bored and pass their time on social media. Other are catching up on the latest streaming sensation.

For Pittsburgh Steelers teammates Devlin Hodges and Zach Banner, that included an hilarious back-and-forth on Twitter Wednesday.

It started with Duck Hodges posting this video with the caption April Fools.

This is all sorts of hilarious. Hodges’ offensive lineman really thought he was going to catch a pass. What a cruel joke.

It gets better from there.

Ouch. That’s a slow burn if we’ve ever seen one. For those novices to “Madden,” a 59 rating is not too great.

For his part, Hodges was a good sport.


Now can we get back to some live sports before we start power ranking professional athletes by their ability to tweet?

Signed, a grateful people.