LOOK: No active starting pitchers on Rays’ depth chart

The Tampa Bay Rays have been very unconventional with their starting pitching this year. After they traded Chris Archer to the Pittsburgh Pirates, they took things to a new level.

Following the deal, not a single player is listed under the rotation on the team’s official depth chart.

A few weeks ago, Tampa Bay listed just two pitchers under their rotation with Archer and All-Star pitcher Blake Snell. Then the Rays placed Snell on the disabled list, which left Archer as the last man standing.

As of 5 p.m. PST, the Rays’ rotation is still listed as vacant on the team’s official website. Fortunately for them, Snell and fellow starter Jake Faria could soon return to the rotation.

Until that point, it will be the loneliest spot on an active depth chart we’ve ever seen. The Rays sure do know how to do things in unconventional ways and this just proves it even more.